Decorate your walls with a handcrafted custom-designed Macrame wall hanging using natural yarn and wood. A delicate knot pattern intricately is woven and played around to give an effortless and high-end look. No two pieces are alike.

-The design comes in Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL sizes.

- Made with 100% high-quality yarn.

-Handmade item made to order.

-Can also be dyed in different clours.



- After receiving your piece unpack it as soon as possible and hang it on your wall.

- To clean your wall hanging, only lightly dust the piece.

- Do not use a damp cloth or steam cleaner to clean the piece. Any used colour can run out and you risk damaging the cotton fibres.

Please be sure to follow these instructions to ensure a long lifespan for your precious art piece.

Macrame Wall Hanging